The place to escape the reality: a custom build minecraft themepark. Visit our exciting rides or buy cosmetics in one of our shops. Become a real Ride Operator by buying our Ride Operator rank. Join us at Our Exclusive Ride TIme will start soon. More information can be found on our discord.

Custom Plugins

Developing and using our own plugins and systems, we can give you the experience you desire. Our technical staff work almost 24/7 to enhance this experience.

Interaction with the guests

We believe that guest interaction leads to guest satisfaction. Therefore, we always make sure there's contact with our guests using online services such as Discord and our assistance line.

beautiful areas

We try to build our areas as beautiful as possible. Area's are inspired by countries all over the world or real themepark area's. If you have any suggestions be free to contact us and tell more about your idea!

Server Resourcepack

The list of all resource packs!

Date Version Status
04/07/2020 2.0